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Solar Dealing is the first renewable plants trading portal


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What do we do

SD selects the best renewable plants and makes them available to a large network of qualified international investors.
Thanks to an extensive network of Business Partners in Italy and abroad, Solar Dealing can offer:

[alertbox3] • New plants on sale every week
• A fundamental showcase for every vendor
• Direct and immediate contact with the counterparts [/alertbox3]

Our mission

SD believes that the first step to close the gap between clean energy and finance is to create a liquid, diversified, but mostly transparent market.
How we keep the promise:

[alertbox3] • Only plants uploaded by owners or agents with the direct mandate to sell
IQR to certify the quality and reliability of each plant
• The SD Calculator, a new way to calculate the value of a RE plant.[/alertbox3] SD Sponsors are:

SD Sponsor
SD is a Kenergia’s project and its Sponsors contribute proactively to the platform development and represent a guarantee over the reliability and excellence.

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