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Agrivoltaico is the overcoming of the conflict between solar energy and agriculture

The term Agrivoltaics (or Agrophotovoltaics) is intended to refer to a sector, still not very widespread in our country, characterized by a “hybrid” use of agricultural land between agricultural production and production of electricity through the installation, on the same land , of photovoltaic systems.

For this reason we are also developing photovoltaic systems on agricultural land, with the aim of making these two “worlds” coexist in synergy, which we know are very different from each other, but which can coexist within a real and structured agro-voltaic project. .

The analysis of the potential of a project starts from the identification of the critical points of the existing one and from the study of the possible proposals for efficiency and transformation of the farm, evaluating all the agronomic, economic, organizational and market aspects.

The development phase

In the development phase of the project we believe that it is essential to give priority to the interests of the agricultural world.

The starting point is to evaluate and promote a partial or total renewal of the agricultural process with the aim of restoring efficiency to the production process, from planting to harvesting and any initial processing.



That agricultural interests and those of renewable energy can converge without the "waste" of land dedicated to food production as feared by many

That the objectives of the PNIEC cannot be achieved without an “adequate” use of the land dedicated to agricultural production