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Overcoming the conflict between agriculture and photovoltaics

Rain Water Recovery is an innovative rainwater collection system suitable for any photovoltaic system, conceived and patented by Kenergia Srl with the aim of combining agricultural and electrical production.

The Rain Water Recovery (RWR) project, born from the experience of Kenergia and various agricultural operators, combines the needs of the agricultural world with that of renewables. In particular, the system solves or mitigates the problem of water availability due to the irregularity of rainfall, allowing the collection of rainwater falling on the surface of the photovoltaic modules and conveyance to a storage point.

The increase in the availability of “self-produced” water, a determining factor for the increase in the income of agricultural organizations and businesses, allows them to free themselves from the climatic variable, reduce purchase costs in periods of drought and stimulate the development of new skills professional ( transformation of agricultural crops ).



Photovoltaics and its economic ecosystem will be able to offer significant financial support for the transformation of land towards new crops, new activities with automated processes if the agricultural company is willing to evaluate and manage a new phase of growth to improve its production efficiency or change partly its own production.

RWR simultaneously with new plant design criteria and innovative management methods developed by Kenergia Srl, allows a hybrid use of agricultural land by gathering the consent of all the parties involved: local authorities, agricultural organizations, agricultural companies and energy companies.

Renewables and agriculture, completely overturning the approach of the past, must have common objectives to overcome the abandonment of agricultural land, increase the areas available for the installation of photovoltaic systems and respect the ambitious objectives of the PNIEC to 2030.